About the company


established since 2009 founded by MR Exis Lum .

We are a Real World IT Solutions Provider.

And we are experienced with helping small, medium & large establishment.


aim to provide Cost effective solutions for Unique requirements.

We been helping start-up companies from planning a systematic IT connections to creating a user friendly operating system.

Importantly we helps our clients built a strong security pathway to protect their valuable database.

Besides that we do provide after sales services & maintenance to all our existing clients.


Our VISION is helping clients concentrate on their Expertise by solving all IT related issues to increase company Productivity.

Our MISSION is providing hassle free onsite service team to support your company from branches to branches.

Our OBJECTIVE is to provide low cost maintainance & effective operating system for all kind of business.

And we are confidence your company no longer worry about inefficient work flow in future.

Appreciating Your Trust to Us
Exis Lum